I think all songwriters want to reach people in some way – really touch their heart. I had an interest in music and sang from a very young age and had a variety of influences from the Beatles, to Led Zeppelin, and James Taylor. But I think my biggest influence was my mom. She was a gifted singer, but raising a family came first and foremost to her. She sang in choirs, and all the time in the house growing up. I took up guitar in my teens. My first guitar was an electric and I was playing and singing heavy rock. Since then I’ve toned down a little. I love most genres and love writing and playing anything from folk to rock alternative. I write mostly with my acoustic guitar – it just seems to flow right through me. My first solo album, which I expect to release in late winter/spring 2022, will be an album of both light and heavy sounds – a collection of songs about everyone’s life, and everyone’s struggles.

In late May 2019, September 2019, and May 2020, I received a semi-finalist placement in the Song of the Year songwriting contest based in Florida. This was the completed studio version of the song My Momma’s House, which has recently been released to the general public. It was a real honour to have such a placing among thousands of other entries. Thanks go out to my producer Andy Camp, sound engineer Perry Levinski, and performers Angie Camp, Jim Valin, Bob Johnston, and John Archer.